Lit from Within: Airbrush Essentials with #LuminessAir

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Airbrush Essentials with #LuminessAir

Press Samples.  All opinions are my own.
Hello, Fireflies!

A while back, I told you about my first experience with airbrushing with Luminess Air.  It was so much easier than I thought it would be, and pretty fun, actually.  Now, Luminess Air has come out with three Essentials to make my face even more flawless when airbrushed!

I don't like to wear heavy foundation, so I'm really glad to have these tools to help me cover up what I don't want showing through, and make my skin look smooth and radiant!
All three of these go on as lightly and smoothly as can be. It's just amazing how fine the spray is, and how it can look like I have nothing on, yet my skin is mine, but better.  Porcelain gave my skin a light-reflecting radiance I really liked.  Eraser gave me that blurred, soft-focus primer effect.  Xout is unlike any concealer I've ever tried - it's weightless, and doesn't crease!
I took a picture after I applied each product.  I like that you can't really 'see' any of these Essentials, but they make the finished look better!  I do need more practice with the Xout, though. I'd like to see if it can do more for my under-eye bags, but spraying so close to my eyes means I shut my eyes.. and well, I can't see what I'm doing so well.
I finished the foundation with my Luminess Air Ultra 2 foundation and the blush and highlighter that were part of the starter kit.  That blush is so pigmented, I have to use a very light hand with it! 
For the finished look, I didn't put anything more on my face - just eye stuff and lipstick. 

In the next look, I subbed Porcelain for Eraser.  Even though it's the sheerest formula, I think it made the biggest impact on my makeup.  It's an amazing illuminating primer!
I continued with the same steps as the previous look - Xout, Ultra 2, and blush and highlighter, then added eye makeup and lipstick.  I think I did a little better with the Xout under my eyes this time, too. 

As smooth and flawless as an airbrushed foundation can be, I think it's improved by adding these Essentials!  Porcelain is my favorite for a bright, radiant look that is perfect for dewy Spring looks, and Xout is the best non-concealer/concealer that isn't thick, or cakey, and it stays put without powder.  Eraser looks like nothing on the skin, but helps with that soft-focus, blurred look that our HD-world needs.

I love Luminess Air's Butterfly logo.  I did my version of it in nailart.  The base is Sonia Kashuk Just Picked, and I did     some butterfly double-stamping with Finger Paints Black Expressionism and Essie No Place Like Chrome.
If you are as intimidated by airbrushing as I was, then know that there's nothing to fear!  It's so easy, and fun to do.  The machine required nothing more than plugging it in and pushing a button to turn it on.  If you can hold a pen, you can hold the airbrush, and it just takes a little practice to get the right tension on the trigger.  And, it's so forgiving!  If you can't seem to find the right color foundation, you might be surprised by how easily airbrushing can match your skintone. 

If you're interested in more information, or to order your own airbrush system from Luminess Air, you can find them on their website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest.  But wait, there's more! For 20% off, use the discount code:  512737259 !

If you like these makeup looks, I break them down in tomorrow's post, so stay tuned for a review of Cargo's Down Under palette and the Ulta palette I used.

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