Lit from Within: Body Blur and Glow! #VitaLiberata

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Body Blur and Glow! #VitaLiberata

Press Sample.  All opinions are my own.
Hello, Fireflies!

As a pasty-white kid, growing up, I so desperately wanted to be tan.  I tried laying out with baby oil, and other tan-enhancing products, and I would just burn and peel.  When I tried my first 'sun-less tanning' product, it left me orange.  So, I learned to accept my translucent skin, and it was even trendy to be pale for awhile.

While I'm okay with being pale, there are times when I want to have a natural glow.  I was apprehensive about fake tanning products, for fear of the Cheetos Radioactive look, but I've been impressed with many natural-looking products that are available now, like the new Body Blur from Vita Liberata!

Vita Liberata is a pioneer in the tanning business - they were the first to come out with an odorless tanning solution in 2007, and in 2011, they became the first completely non-toxic tanning brand, with tan solutions free from parabens, perfume, alcohol, and all chemicals of concern.
I was offered a chance to try their Body Blur product, and it's like no tanning product I've tried.  It's a primer/BB cream for the face and body/Blurring perfector/skincare/tan in a bottle.  Not only does it give my skin a healthy-looking glow, it also has skin-loving ingredients that actually help my skin *be* healthier, like Aloe for healing, Glycerin for moisture retention, Shea Butter for nourishment, and Panthenol for B-vitamins.
This creme is fairly lightweight, and odorless.  It looks like a scary dark brown when it first comes out of the tube, but sheers out to a golden glow without glitter or shimmer.  I decided to try it in a whole look - as a face primer, on my decollete, and on my legs.
I loved how the Body Blur looked on my collarbone area.  It gave a nice, warm glow to my normally pink skin.  You can see how the area with the tan doesn't cover my freckles, but blends them in, which I like.
Even though I live in Florida, it's still winter, y'all.  My legs are whiter than white.  I used a dense makeup brush to apply the Body Blur to my legs, and what a difference!  It dried so quickly, and feels and looks natural.  It didn't rub off on my sheets at night, and even using a scrub on my legs the next day, the tan is fading evenly and gradually - no patchy areas or drips or flakes. 
I have to say, I did not love it on me as a face primer, though.  I layered it under my It Cosmetics serum foundation and Bye Bye Pores powder, but it still felt very heavy on my face.  I know that this would just melt off my oily face in the summer. I have it on in both pictures above, and I took both pictures in the same lighting, but with the finished makeup look, my normally pink complexion is a lot warmer - and I'm not wearing any additional bronzer.

My Vita Liberata-inspired nailart! I did a half-moon negative-space mani using Mineral Fusion Brownstone as the base, and added a stripe of Sally Girl Galaxy for a big of glitter.
Vita Liberata is used in luxury spas around the world, and it did make me feel pretty glamorous!  I took this look out shopping, and I admit I did sneak a few looks at my legs while I was walking along! I loved how this made my legs look so smooth and tan and glowing.  Adding it to my makeup and decollete took no time at all - just another step in the makeup process - and putting it on my legs took maybe 5 minutes, and was dry by the time I was done applying it!

For more information, or to purchase, you can find Vita Liberata on their website, where their Body Blur currently retails for $45.

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