Lit from Within: I Love My Curls, But Sometimes I Want To See A #NuMe

Thursday, March 24, 2016

I Love My Curls, But Sometimes I Want To See A #NuMe

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Hello, Fireflies!

I love my curls, but that doesn't mean I don't want to change things up now and again.  I've tried different tools to change my hair, but I'm loving the NuMe Silhouette straightener - not only because it works, but because of some really thoughtful design elements that went into it!

The kit that I received not only came with the wand, they also included a bottle of Argan Oil - hair's best friend - and sample packets of their white truffle shampoo, conditioner, and leave-in.  One of the nice details that shows me that NuMe is really interested in the whole idea of healthy, beautiful hair.
It's easy to hold the NuMe Silhouette straightener
The Silhouette comes in different colors, but I received the pink one - it's a lovely burnished metallic fuchsia with a lightly textured handle.  It's lightweight and easy to hold, which I really appreciate, because it can take some time to straighten all of my hair.
When straightening my hair, I find that using a bit of tension on the hair helps me to get smoother hair in one pass.  The problem being that whenever I was using another straightener, they always put the controls on the outside of the tool - right where I needed my hand to be. This always meant that I was either turning off the wand mid-use, or changing the temperature.
With the Silhouette, the controls are on the INSIDE of the wand.  It may look awkward to use, but believe me, it was the smartest decision.  I set the temperature once, flip the switch to turn it on, and it's ready in just a few moments.  I can't accidentally change the temperature or turn it off while using it!  It's a small detail, but it's really made a huge difference in the enjoyment of the experience of using a straightener.
You can also use this straightener to make some curls in your hair, or create a hair flip.  You're not going to get ringlets with it, but I like my hair to curve in at the bottom when I straighten it, and it's not hard to do with this tool.
They say that the proof of the pudding is in the eating, so here's my Before and After pix to show you the results I was able to get with the NuMe Silhouette.  I'm working with hair that was washed about 3 days before, and I sprayed it with It's a 10 light for some thermal protection, and brushed the tangles out with a Wet Brush. With this much hair, it's imperative to section off the hair and only work on small sections at a time.

My hair felt so long after straightening it!  For those who think I just LOOK like I have a lot of hair because the curls give me a lot of volume... well, that's true, but I also have a lot of hair.  It felt so soft, and I love being able to run my fingers through it when it's straight!

I made a pink, quilted nailart to mimic the quilted look on the Silhouette.  I used LynBDesigns England Would Fall and a dental floss pick to create the quilted pattern in the polish.

It took me a long time to love my curls.  And, now that I do, I don't feel guilty about trying new hairstyles because I know that I'm not betraying my natural look - I'm just changing what's on the outside for a little while!  If you're interested in changing up your hair, you might want to try NuMe.  The NuMe Silhouette normally retails for $99, but now, through this weekend, NuMe is having an anniversary sale!

You can get the Silhouette straightener for only $24.99 with the code ANNIVIRONS, or if you're looking at their other products, there are codes for those, too.  Any classic wand (regularly $79) is only $19.99 with the code HAPPY5YEARS.  Any Magic wand (regularly $89) is only $29.99 with the code ANNIVMAGIC, and get any set (including the Octowands) for $89.99 with the code ANNIVSETS.

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