Lit from Within: What Happens to Ye Who Seek My Boo-ty

Thursday, September 18, 2014

What Happens to Ye Who Seek My Boo-ty

Avast, Fireflies!

This here be t'last day of this month's Piratey Nail Art Challenge, hosted by Challenge Your Nail Art Group.  I be sad, but no tears! There not be cryin' in Piratin'!

I be leavin ye with a warnin for those who seek my treasure.  Black, black jelly with iridescent purple glitters is a dark warning.  It's also the description for Polished Components Mattress Mambo.

Polished Components Mattress Mambo

Along with a glimpse of my treasure are what's left of those who tried to plunder it!

You know I took these off right after I took the picture, but what better time to cover your nails with jewels and skulls?

Now, be off afore I make ye walk t'plank!


  1. Those skull studs are super edgy here!

  2. AWESOME!! I need some of those skull studs because those are freakin' amazing. :D

    1. I found them on Ebay. There is one kind that *everyone* has, but I didn't like as much. When I found these, I had to have them! lol.

  3. Wow, love it! A proper gothic pirate look! :D


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