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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

TRI - Deco

Hello, Fireflies!

Welcome to a new month of TRI-Polish Tuesdays! This month's colors are Lilac, Teal, and Grey/Silver.
I decided to do a technique for creating an Art-deco style graphic that I saw on Pshiiit.  It makes this neat pattern a lot easier to do, though I will admit to having some trouble lining up the striping tape.

I started with Cover Girl ShowStopper, a nice smooth silver.  When that dried, I applied the tape according to the diagram on Pshiit.

Cover Girl ShowStopper, a nice smooth silver

I wasn't talented enough to take pictures of the process.  I did want to show you that it's kind of a mess when you pull off the tape, though.  Don't be discouraged! A lot of nail art looks a hot mess until you put topcoat on.

A lot of nail art looks a hot mess until you put topcoat on.

I found that it's easier to do this one nail at a time.  Paint the nail bed portion first, and then the tip.  Quickly, before the polish starts to set, take off the tape with a pair of tweezers.

I used Rimmel Salon Pro Purple Rain and Pop Beauty Brave for the lilac and teal.

I love this look, and it can be done with so many different colors!

Bottle shot:  Cover Girl ShowStopper, Rimmel Salon Pro Purple Rain. and Pop Beauty Brave.

Bottle shot:  Cover Girl ShowStopper, Rimmel Salon Pro Purple Rain. and Pop Beauty Brave

What do you think about this Art Deco type look?


  1. I love the design you got with the striping tape!

  2. These are fun! I love a good tape mani. :)

  3. Even though it's not the colors it totally reminds me of Wonder Woman!

  4. Oh I love this from the design to the colors!

  5. Great design! Love the colors too.

  6. I like.

    My nail art looks a hot mess after I put top coat on it. :P LOL

  7. Very cool design and so easy to create! Once my nail art stuff arrives I have to give it a try :P

  8. You always make nail art look so easy!

  9. Amazing design and I am totally loving those colors big time. Great mani as always :)

  10. Digging the design and color combo!

  11. I love this!!!!! The colors are great and the design perfect :) Good job.

  12. Gorgeous manicure! I love blue and silver together.

  13. okay this is my new favorite from you! you are so creative!!!

  14. definitely one of my fav. designs that you have done! It's really cool!


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