Lit from Within: Reviva Labs Floral Nail Art, Revisited

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Reviva Labs Floral Nail Art, Revisited

Hello, Fireflies!

Who knew I'd miss doing floral nail art so much?  When I did this look for yesterday's post on Reviva Labs, I fell in love.

Reviva Labs packaging that inspired my mani

 I didn't take any pictures of the creation, but I did take a few more of the finished product..

I started with two coats of Wet 'n Wild LAC-My Mani, a pale cream matte from their new Fall LE collection.  Over that, I did a light sponge of Revlon Essence, a dusty green, and a little white.

I did a one-stroke technique for the flowers, where I loaded a flat paintbrush with Sally Hansen White Tip on one edge, and Koco Mountain Of Youth on the other, blended a little, and then created the flowers.  A few dots of white and black in the center completed the look.

No topcoat this time - I wanted to preserve the contrast of the glossy and slightly textured flowers against the matte background.

Bottle shot:  Wet 'n Wild LAC-My Mani, Sally Hansen White Tip, Revlon Essence, and Koco Mountain Of Youth

Bottle shot:  Wet 'n Wild LAC-My Mani, Sally Hansen White Tip, Revlon Essence, and Koco Mountain Of Youth

On the one hand, it kinda reminds me of a bedspread my mom would love.  On the other, I totally love it, and found myself sneaking peeks at it.  And it's not holo, OR flakie.  Who knew?

Have you ever surprised yourself with how much you loved a particular makeup or nail polish look?


  1. When I saw your nails in yesterday's post I almost flipped! Gorgeous!

  2. I am head over heels in love with this mani. It reminds me of the embroidery my grandmother used to do on her hankerchiefs when I was a child... they are cherished in my heart.

    1. That is the sweetest thing! I'm so happy that it brought a happy memory for you! :) <3

  3. Replies
    1. That totally deserved a poem. lol! Thanks, girl!

  4. I don't do my makeup everyday but the days I do I can't stop staring in the mirror

    1. I can understand why! You've put together some very fresh and pretty looks!


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