Lit from Within: Bonita Glitter Dotticure

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Bonita Glitter Dotticure

Hello, Fireflies!

I found a new-to-me brand of polish last time I was at Ross.  I'd heard of Bonita, but hadn't ever tried it before.  All of them came in those clear packs with no names on them, much like the Color Club repackaged polishes.  I guess they don't think that our cheap polish needs a name, poor things.

This poor no-name is an aqua-teal color.  I was pretty impressed by the quality of these polishes.  And, I know the bottles are kinda weirdly shaped, but I dig 'em.

Bonita aqua-teal color

I thought this glitter was so pretty, and perfect for this challenge because it reflects both lilac and teal.

Bonita lilac and teal glitter

I couldn't resist a little dotticure for good measure. 

Here's the bottle shot, but no names!  Don't these just look like they were made to go together?

Bonita bottle shot - no names!

I love it when a collection is released and the polishes compliment each other so nicely. When you buy makeup or polish, are you ever surprised that they go together, or do you purposely buy makeup in sets, or do you go for the chaotic approach?


  1. Never tried Bonita before but they look to have some really great colors. Love the manicure you did here with them.

  2. I really liked the sets they had at Ross. Pretty good quality, too, no complaints here!


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