Lit from Within: Fairy Ring Around the Rosy, Mani Full Of Posies

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Fairy Ring Around the Rosy, Mani Full Of Posies

Hello, Fireflies!

Today's Golden Oldie challenge is to rustle up an old, forgotten Indie.  Time to bring out this lovely holo again:  Pretty Jelly Fairy Ring.

Pretty Jelly Fairy Ring

I do have a soft spot for dark green holos.  I love how the yellow in the rainbow plays with the green.  Such an unusual effect in nail polish.

In keeping with the theme of things I hadn't gotten out in a while, I decided to pair Fairy Ring with some Fimo flowers.

I love this - simple, but pretty.

Is there some Indie polish or makeup in your stash ready to be rediscovered?


  1. I love that green a ton. Those flowers are so cute too. I would be so afraid that they would fall off within seconds on me. Super cute fun mani!

  2. Oh I like this holo, pretty shade. I have lots of untrieds, a couple Girly Bits and Philly Loves Lacquer, to think of off top of my head!

  3. Pretty Jelly Fairy Ring looks gorgeous! I love this little flower accent you added :)

  4. I love green for fall, I think it's unique and not a typical fall shade but still works!

  5. That green holo is pretty. And I mean like... PRETTTTTYYYYY

  6. Holos are my favorite and I don't think I have any green holos

  7. I've never used Pretty Jelly! I love that green!

  8. I love using those flowers in my nail art!


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