Lit from Within: Checker-Stamp Board

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Checker-Stamp Board

Hello, Fireflies!

While the Admin of the AIS group gets over a nasty holiday sickness, it's open season for Stamping Sundays!  I decided to go back in the vault and pick a stamping nailart that I love, but never got to show you on the blog.

Even though this OPI Gwen Stefani collection is older, Gwen is back in the makeup biz hot and heavy right now.  I just picked up her new Urban Decay eyeshadow palette, and her blush and lipsticks just came out - and sold out!  I heard they were gone in under 30 minutes on the UD site.

OPI Love..Angel..Music..Baby is a gorgeous satin-finish champagne gold.  I love how it's smooth to the touch, but looks slightly textured.  It's great just like this, and I love it with topcoat, too.

The Pueen08 plate has a nice little checkerboard stamp I wanted to try.  Getting the stamp straight and not stretching out the squares is something I'll just have to work on..

Given how grey Cult Nails Ms.Conduct looks in this picture, I'm surprised how brown-toned it stamped.  I love it when a regular ol' polish is opaque enough to use for stamping, too. Miss ya, Cult Nails!

Even though I'm sporting some real shorties here, I really love how this nailart looks on them.  Even short nails can wear art!

Have a great week!

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