Lit from Within: In The (Via)Buff #ViaBuff

Thursday, January 28, 2016

In The (Via)Buff #ViaBuff

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Hello, Fireflies!

Do you ever wish we could just shed our skin, like snakes do?  Ok, ew, no.  But, I do sometimes wish it were easier to get smooth, healthy skin and get rid of all that dull, pore-clogging dead skin.  Have I found the solution in ViaBuff?

ViaBuff is a new breakthrough in exfoliation.  These sponge-like exfoliators are made from a polyurathane foam that give you a sponge-like foamy-soap experience, with the exfoliation your skin needs.  The foam structure allows for minimal water absorption, so that most of the product stays on the surface - which means more foam, and less product needed!  The anti-bacterial ViaBuff foam dries quickly so it lasts longer and stays cleaner than loofahs.

There are two sizes and four types of ViaBuff sponges.  The mini (3") is for the face, and the large (5") is meant for the body.  The colors indicate the level of exfoliation:

Purple is the most gentle, and is meant for oily and/or skin damaged by psoriasis or eczema.
Green is mild, for normal skin.
Pink is for those with drier skin that need help removing excess dead skin due to Keratosis Pilaris or ingrown hairs.
White is considered a clinical level, for the very driest of skin.

The large size also comes in some combos, with one color one one side, and another color on the other.  They also have a medicinal sponge, for applying topicals without foaming, and a handle that can be used with either that sponge or the ViaBuff to get to those hard-to-reach places. 

I really enjoyed both the purple and the green ViaBuffs on my body. The purple is very soft, and felt like a luxurious sponge.  The green added a nice scrubby experience - perfect for the occasional exfoliation.  I knew that the pink and white would be too much for me, though they could be useful for spot-treating rough areas, like the elbows and heels.

On my face, however, I found that the green one was uncomfortable to use, and even the purple one was a little too much for me.  I also wish that both sizes came with an easy way to hang them up to dry.  A loop would make them easier to store out of the way.  The larger sponges have a silicone band in the middle of them that is used to attach them to the long handle, and I could use that to hang them up, but it takes a minute to find.  I tried leaving on the plastic loop that has the store tag on it, but I didn't like how it felt on my skin, and it was hard to keep out of the way.

I did my interpretation of the ViaBuff logo using a pink striper over a white base. Scrubby!
 If you like having a little scrub with your soap, you might like to try the ViaBuff!  They are cruelty-free, anti-bacterial, and you can choose your level of exfoliation to meet your needs.  For more information, or to purchase, you can find ViaBuff on Facebook and Twitter, or on their website, where you can purchase the sponges separately ($4 for the mini, and $11 for the large) or in multi-packs or sets.

What's your favorite way to exfoliate?

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