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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Bliss Every Which Way

Hello, Fireflies!

I can't make up my mind how I feel about Bliss.  I'm not a fan of their "FatGirlSlim" line because of the name, but they make other products that I do like, especially their hand cream.  So when Kohls had a bunch of Bliss on sale at half-off or more, I picked up their Every Which Way palette on a whim.  Does it go my way? or the highway?

The palette reminds me of the way the Michelle Phan palette was organized, in roundish groups.  The palette itself is in a large and thick cardboard box with a very large mirror.  To be honest, the packaging is too bulky for my liking.  Definitely not easy to travel with, and I have no idea where I'm going to store it.  I'm tempted to put all the colors in a Z-palette.

Bliss Every Which Way eyeshadow palette

Overall, the palette has a mix of shimmers and mattes.  Nothing too glittery or bold.  Even the dark colors tend to be muted.  Though they did blend easily for me, they're not super pigmented.  The hand swatches are not over primer, but are over moisturizer.  The colors did look better over a primer on my eye.

In The Nude:
In The Nude is the neutral grouping, with both shimmer and matte in the light and dark colors.  The pink and camel colors are there, but they are harder to see on my skintone.

Get Up And Glow:
These colors are even lighter on me, with all shimmers.  A few of these colors would make good highlighters, too. 

You're a Dream:
Rose and purples are really hot now, and this is the palette for them.  I really like the gold highlight in this set.  Many of the darker colors look similar on my skintone.

Set The Mood:
This group has an interesting icy green and a soft teal, as well as some darker browns.  Again, the highlight is pretty good!

I used the Get Up And Glow section for this eye look.  It's easy to make a 'no makeup-makeup' look with this palette.  The colors are light and brightening, and make my eyes look more awake. 

There's definitely a 'spa' feel to this palette.  Everything is light and breezy, nothing too dramatic.  All the colors are grouped into sections that are easy to navigate and create several different, though maybe similar, looks.  They remind me of my It Cosmetics palettes - light, powdery textures, easy to blend (and also blend into nothing, if you blend too much!) with muted, more natural colors.

What I used for this look:

In addition to the 'glow' section of the Bliss Every Which Way palette, I used my It Cosmetics Celebration Foundation Illumination in Light, Brow Power in Universal Taupe, and Hello Lashes Extensions mascara, Kiko Rebel Bouncy Blush in 01 Velvety Peach, Kiss Balm in Cranberry Crumble under Shining Star Lip Lacquer 02, and Dark Tide Eyeliner 04.  I also used my UD original eyeshadow primer, and my Cover FX Blemish Concealer (press sample).

I've been trending towards bolder eye looks for awhile, so I'm not sure how I feel about this palette.  Do you like palettes like this with light, muted colors?

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