Lit from Within: Roller Balls! #OilsRollerBottles

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Roller Balls! #OilsRollerBottles

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Hello, Fireflies!

Welcome to another edition of Something Strange Saturday, where I go a little bit of the beaten path of beauty.  I've talked about oils a lot here on the blog - for aromatherapy, and cuticle and nail health, as well as hair and other uses.  Today, I want to share with you a vehicle for those oils - roller balls!

I first came across the idea of dispensing oils through a roller ball when an Indie polish company sold me some of their cuticle oil in a cute roller ball bottle.  I fell in love with the ease of dispensing, plus the cute bottle itself.

This set of six bottles from Ohuhu are made with beautiful cobalt blue glass - tinted all the way through, not just painted - with a white plastic roller ball and a decorative gold cap.  The blue color helps protect the oils inside from light that causes them to degrade more quickly.

Honestly, I would prefer a metal ball, but these work just fine.  The ball is easy enough to remove for refilling, but fits snugly in the bottle opening.  I was easily able to fill them with my homemade oil blend that I use for my cuticles.

This set comes with 6 bottles - plenty for filling with oil, or even perfume.  They are pretty enough to give as gifts, too.  I'm thinking of picking up another set to fill with my special oil blend to give to my friends.

For more information, or to purchase, you can find this set of six roller ball bottles from Ohuhu on Amazon, where they currently retail for $7.99.

Have you ever tried using rollerballs for perfume or oils?

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