Lit from Within: Winter Skin Favorites

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Winter Skin Favorites

Nail Butter is a Press Sample.  All others purchased by me or won in a giveaway.  All opinions are my own.
Hello, Fireflies!

Even in Florida, things are a bit nippy at the moment!  I actually love this time of year here - I get out my cozy blanket (we love it so much, we nicknamed it, "The Awesome."  As in, "I love cuddling on the couch with my dog and The Awesome."  I can burn candles without the A/C having to work to compensate for the added heat.  And, I get to wear my favorite fuzzy socks with monkey faces on them.

Even with my naturally oily skin, this time of year dries me out a bit, so I decided to share with you some of my favorites for keeping my skin looking and feeling its best when it gets dry!

I keep a bowl full of different lip balms on my desk, and you'll catch me reapplying often, but especially so in the winter.  I fell in love with the EOS packaging, and even though it's not the most emollient, I love the scents, and how easy it is to find in my purse! I've also recently discovered Kettlepot Soap, and this scent in Teaberry takes me back to my childhood and that unique chewing gum!  As part of Kiko Milano's holiday collection, they released sets of lip scrubs and balms.  This one, in Cranberry Crumble, is sooo good.  The scrub tastes amazing, and even leaves a light tint on the lips.  The balm reminds me of YSL Tint-in-Oil.  It glides on and feels so luxurious.  It doesn't have much color, only a very light hint of tint.  None of these last very long, but they are such a joy to reapply.

I've written about Nail Butter before, but I felt I had to include it here.  It's lasted me a long time! My nails have been drying out with the cold, and few things feel as good as applying some Nail Butter and a bit of my homemade oil blend. 
I have been loving a thicker moisturizer on my legs - especially after shaving.  One bad thing about Florida, is that you don't really get to take a winter vacation from shaving.  I wear shorts almost all year!  This "Butt Naked" Scented Shea Butter from Black Canyon Home & Body feels so rich and smells so good.  It doesn't smell like butts at all.  It smells like my husband's clean, warm neck when I snuggle into him.  And a little touch of vanilla. 
My other favorite scent is The Body Shop Satsuma.  Satsuma ALL THE THINGS.  Right now, I'm loving the Body Butter, but I also have this scent in just about everything they make it in. (The Body Polish is amazeballs.)  It's a light, refreshing mandarin/tangerine/orange scent that I can't get enough of. 

A little bulls-eye nailart featuring two polishes from A-England - Cathy, and The Blessed Damozel.
What's been helping you give your winter skin a little love lately?

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