Lit from Within: Ruffians From The Vault

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Ruffians From The Vault

Hello, Fireflies!

It's a new year, so what better way to start it than by digging into the vault for some nailart that just never made it to the blog?  Today, I have two different Ruffian nailart to show you!

The first one starts off matte, and ends up shiny.  I love this matte eggshell color.  It seems perfect for the season, though who knows when I actually bought it..

Eggshell with a brownish taupe.  Yes!

The Ruffian illusion does tend to make my short nails look even shorter, but I just think this is so cute with the scalloped stud.

Ruffian nailart with Wet 'n Wild LAC - My mani? and Distressed To Impress.

Bottle shot:  Wet 'n Wild LAC - My mani? and Distressed To Impress.

Bottle shot:  Wet 'n Wild LAC - My mani? and Distressed To Impress.

This next Ruffian has dots instead of studs.  And holo instead of matte.  And, it's bright.   This is Jade Rainbow.

The first Ruffian layer is a deep purple from NOPI called No Limits.

Because I apparently have No Limits, I add yet another Ruffian layer.  Whoah, Nelly.  This is Jade Eclipse.

I dotted with No Limits, and then with the Jade Rainbow over that! This mani is totes out of control.  No wonder it was safely tucked in the vault.  Craziness.

Time to close the vault up again, safe and sound!

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