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Friday, March 20, 2015

Luxy Lips - Luxury for a Buck!

Hello, Fireflies!

A while ago, I read about these Luxy Lips from Profusion on Nouveau Cheap. These are super-opaque liquid lippies that dry to a demi-matte finish.  And, they're only $1 at Walgreens!

I scoured the bargain bin to see how many different colors of these Luxy Lips I could find.  I don't know how many there are, but I found six to try out.  Some of the colors are very wearable shades, but the orange and purple are pretty bold!
None of the Luxy Lips colors have names, and they all have a cheap lipgloss squeeze tube applicator that really isn't up to the task of applying these.  If you want more precision, I'd suggest a brush, though I did just use the applicator for this graduated pink-to-purple lip.  Not something I'd wear all the time, but it was fun to try.
You really can't beat this bargain! If you want to try some fun colors for a buck, check these out.

Have you found a really great beauty bargain lately?

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