Lit from Within: Can't Contain This Beauty - it's Bursting Out! #neocell

Monday, March 9, 2015

Can't Contain This Beauty - it's Bursting Out! #neocell

Product provided for review.  All opinions are my own.
Hello, Fireflies!

A little while ago, I told y'all about Neocell Biotin Bursts, and today I have another Neocell product, Beauty Bursts, to talk about.  Because when you're all full of beauty, sometimes, it's just gotta burst out!

These little chews are 40 calories each, and it's recommended that you have 2 a day to get a 2000 mg of Collagen, 20 mg of Hyaluronic acid, and 20mg of Vitamin C.  These ingredients contain many of the building blocks your skin needs to replenish and rehydrate itself, and collagen is also used in creating hair and nails, too. 

Neocell Beauty Bursts

These chews are not as sweet as their Biotin Bursts, and if they're at room temperature, can taste a little chalky.  I recommend putting them in the fridge for optimum texture.  Mr. Lit From Within says they remind him of the Now & Later candies in texture.

Neocell Beauty Bursts

I do believe in the healing power of Vitamin C, both taken internally and applied topically to my skin, and I've seen pretty great results in my skin from applying Hyaluronic Acid.  I've read that taking it as a supplement can also help with joint pain, as it helps rehydrate and rebuild cartilage, but I can't attest to that yet.  I'm hopeful that I'll see results in the long term.
Neocell Beauty Bursts ingredients and nutritional information

My nailart homage is a modified Quatrefoil pattern reminiscent of the pomegranate arils on the Neocell Beauty Bursts packaging.  I started with a base of Orly Close Your Eyes, a shimmery purple, and then did the first pattern with Sally Hansen Salon Rhododendron, a rosy red, and then the smaller pattern with Sally Hansen Salon Leis-y Days, a shimmery rosy pink.  I wanted the effect to be subtle, like a pattern of bubbles.
Neocell Beauty Bursts packaging nailart
These chews provide essential building blocks for beautiful skin, and they taste pretty good, too.  I probably wouldn't take them in pill form, but I would as a healthy 'candy' chew! And, if they help my aging skin build up from the inside-out, why not?

For more information, you can find Neocell on their website, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and also on Facebook, where they also have printable coupons available!

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