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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Facial Hair Threading Tool #bellesentials

Product provided for review.  All opinions are my own.
Hello, Fireflies!

Aside from the obvious eyelashes and eyebrows, yeah, I have facial hair.  Most women do, and most women don't want it there.  I used to use facial depilatories, but they didn't always work on my thick hairs.  Sometimes, I shave, sometimes I tweeze.  Recently, I discovered this facial hair threading tool from Bellesentials that blew my mind.

This little kit from Bellesentials comes with the facial hair threading tool and a free eyebrow shaper, which is good, because the threading tool really isn't designed for precision work like eyebrows.  It's best for removing fine hairs from larger areas of the face, like sideburns, chin/neck, and the upper lip - places where, if you have hair, you probably want *all* of it gone, not shaped.

facial hair threading tool from Bellesentials

The tool is basically a very flexible spring made from hypoallergenic carbon steel with plastic handles.  To use it, you bend the tool in an upside down 'U', place it on your skin, and then, holding each handle with a different hand, twist the handles outward.  The twisting action will move the spring, collapsing it around the tiny hairs, and then pulling them out.

My tool didn't come with any instructions that I could find, so I watched some YouTube videos on how to best use the tool.  I recommend doing that - and not 'first impression' videos, either.  Watch someone who knows what they're doing.  This tool does take a little practice to use effectively.

facial hair threading tool from Bellesentials

There are several benefits to doing this:  it's quick - you pull out many hairs at once.  It lasts longer because you're pulling hair out by the root instead of just shaving off what's above the skin.  Unlike waxing, it doesn't pull the skin, too - just the hair.  There are no messy or smelly chemicals involved, either, and it's easily transportable.

facial hair threading tool from Bellesentials

It's advertised as being a 'pain-free' way to remove hair, but I think that's open for interpretation.  I've never waxed before, only tweezed, so I've never experienced pulling out many facial hairs at once before using this tool.

It, uh, ...takes some getting used to.  My cheeks were fine - it pulled out only fine hairs, and it didn't really hurt.  I had some trouble with longer, thicker hairs, like a few I have on my chin that I usually tweeze.  I also had some trouble with my upper lip.  The tool worked fine, it just hurt a lot.  Like, shouting a few expletives, a lot.  I hear it gets easier, but I don't know how many times I'm willing to try it to see if that's true.
facial hair threading tool from Bellesentials-inspired nailart
My nailart is based on the spring.  I used a base of Sally Hansen Somber Bliss, some freehand lines drawn with Wet 'n Wild Black Creme, and then topped it all with a light coating of flakies from Essence Rock My World.

For more information, or to purchase, you can find this facial hair threading tool from Bellesentials on Amazon, where it currently sells for $10.95.

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