Lit from Within: Sunday Stamping - I Like Big Buds And I Can Not Lie..

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Sunday Stamping - I Like Big Buds And I Can Not Lie..

 Hello, Fireflies!

Today's Sunday Stamping challenge is 'Large Flowers'.  When you have small nail beds like I do, almost all flowers are large, but I do have two Born Pretty plates with really BIG BUDS on them, and ended up with two manis for today's challenge!

The first plate is BP L014, and it's got lots of neat patterned flowers.  I picked different parts of the plate for each finger.

I used Sinful Colors Snow Me White as a base, and then used a handful of different jelly polishes for a leadlight technique.

I just love the stained glass/watercolor effect from this technique!  Basically, Leadlighting means that after stamping the image, you color the image with very sheer polish so that you can still see the stamp through the color.

I looked back in the vault and found that I had made this simple mani with large flowers that I wanted to include as a bonus.  I started with Frenzy Polish ..Out Like a Lamb, a pretty, soft pink with metallic flakies.  I topped it with Sally Hansen Salon Bride 'n Joy, but you can't see it.  I've tried this sheer pink with sparkles on several different polishes, and I just can't see it.  It's like the Emperor's New Clothes of polishes.

I don't have too many of these collage stamps that let you pick what part of the stamp you want to use, but I like this one from Born Pretty that is all flowers.

You can't always tell what the stamp is supposed to be on my nail. #SmallNailBedProblems. 

I do like the abstract quality some of the stamps have, though.  For me, nail art is more fun when you just let it flow and see where it takes you.

Bottle shot:  Frenzy Polish ..Out Like A Lamb, Sally Hansen Bride 'n Joy, Finger Paints Black Expressionism.

Which do you prefer: the plain stamp that is colored in afterwards, or the stamp over glitter?

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