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Monday, June 29, 2015

Lemony Fresh! #Lemonoil

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Hello, Fireflies!

Whether or not you believe in the powers of aromatherapy, there are some essential oils that have real power to them, and lemon is one of them! There are so many uses for this oil, aside from just smelling awesome.

Lift Care lemon oil is 100% pure lemon oil that is cold-pressed from lemon rind.  There are no carrier oils or other chemicals in this bottle to dilute the oil, which makes it incredibly potent and versatile. 
Although I did not test this oil in any edible formulas, Lift Care lists several edible options, from adding it to water or tea for a refreshing lemon zing to cooking with it, perhaps adding a drop or two to a favorite fish recipe.

Lemon oil has natural disinfectant properties, as well.  It can be added to homemade cleansers or soaps, or added to a carrier oil for treatment of acne or skin irritations that harbor bacteria.  I added a few drops to the filter of my vacuum cleaner, and what a difference it made! I have 4 dogs, so whenever I even just turn my vacuum on, it starts to smell like wet dog - no matter how well I empty the bin or clean the canister.  The lemon oil worked to not only disinfect the filter, now it smells lemony fresh when I vacuum!

Lemon oil is rich in vitamin C, which works well for lightening and brightening the skin - while you wouldn't want to put this oil on the skin directly, adding a few drops to a carrier oil like jojoba or coconut would work well.  It could also make for a nice addition to a massage oil.  Add a few drops to a bath or foot soak for both the lovely smell and skincare benefits!  Lemon oil can make the skin more sensitive to sunlight, though, so avoid going out in the sun right after applying lemon oil.

My favorite way to use it is in my diffuser.  I add a little bit of water to the diffuser, and then a few drops of the oil.  It doesn't just cover up smells, it seems to eliminate them - and with 4 dogs, that's a necessity!  I love the fresh lemon scent - it smells like real lemons, not chemical lemon - and I do believe that the bright scent of lemon energizes me and helps me focus.
My mani is inspired by the fresh lemon!  I used LynBDesigns Oh, There You Are, Peter for the base, and stamped and made decals for the lemons with Zoya Pippa.

If you love the smell of lemons, and love all the things that a concentrated lemon oil can do, you might love Lift Care Lemon Oil!  Currently, this 4 oz bottle is on sale at Amazon for $12.00.

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