Lit from Within: On Cloud 9 With Zoya's Mystery Shades!

Saturday, June 13, 2015

On Cloud 9 With Zoya's Mystery Shades!

 Hello, Fireflies!

I love surprises - but only good ones.  So, I was a little hesitant to order the new Zoya mystery minis.  The last time Zoya did this promotion, some of the colors had been released under some special collections, so they weren't NEW colors.  This time, Zoya promised never-before seen Zoya colors. 

Would I like?

Yes! I love.  Zoya Violet is a dusty purple.  Temperance is a light grey with a slight violet shimmer.  Marion is a shimmery/fleck mixture of purple and grey. 

I like them all individually, but they just look like they are meant to go together.  So, I created a cloud mani with alternating base colors to see all the different combinations!

Cloud manis are so easy, and you don't need any special tools.  The secret to getting nice, round clouds is to let the brush tip set on the nail for a moment so that the polish moves down the brush and flows off almost as a drip, with a natural rounded shape, rather than a straight line.

When I started preparing this post, this mystery collection was still available, but now I don't see it on the site.  You might still be able to snag this collection on ebay or polish sale groups on FaceBook, if you like it.  After this winning collection, I know I won't miss their next mystery trio!

Bottle shot:  Zoya Mini Temperance, Violet, and Marion.

Bottle shot:  Zoya Mini Temperance, Violet, and Marion.

Right now, Zoya is running another great promotion!  It ends very soon, though!

How do you feel about 'mystery' boxes or grab bags?  Do you enjoy the surprise?

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