Lit from Within: Wonder(ful) Woman

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Wonder(ful) Woman

 Hello, Fireflies!

Today's the last day of June, and I'm just squeaking in under the wire with my last Superhero/villain mani!  I had to give this iconic Amazonian Icon a try!

I used two different plates for this mani.  I bought FUN 11 mainly for all the comic references, so it was nice to be able to use two of the images.  I used Mash 49 for the stars.
My husband got a few of these action figures at Target - they were 'mystery' figures, so you bought a box, but you weren't sure which figurine you were going to get.  Isn't the Wonder Woman adorable, uh, I mean, fierce?

For me, of course, Lynda Carter will *always* be Wonder Woman.  Can't you hear her theme song, and see her spinning, in your head now?

Aside from the stamps being a little wonky, I'm really happy with how this turned out, and I can recycle it for the 4th of July!

I used Finger Paints Paper Mache and Black Expressionism for the stamping, as well as Maybelline Bold Gold.  The red base is Sinful Colors Red Eye, and the blue base is KBShimmer Low and Be Bold.

I hope you enjoyed this month's challenge!  Here's a recap of the other manis I did for this challenge:  Groot, Solomon Grundy, and The Riddler!

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