Lit from Within: Sofa King Good? Naw, it's #Effenfine!

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Sofa King Good? Naw, it's #Effenfine!

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Hello, Fireflies!

The older I get, the more important my tweezers have become to me.  As a kid, I only needed the occasional splinter removed, and the crap tweezers from someone's Swiss Army knife usually did the trick.  Now, I need delicate, fine tipped instruments to use around my eyes, and tough grippers to yank out my wiry chin hairs.  Are these tweezers just OK, or are they Effenfine?

Once I discovered good tweezers, there's no turning back.  I need tweezers that are going to grip strongly, and get those tiny hairs that the 10x mirror says I have, but no one else can see.

This set comes with a carrying pouch, two straight-edge tweezers, and a pointy set for ingrown hairs.  Those of you who share a bathroom with someone like I do recognize the importance of having an additional set of tweezers.  I don't want my grooming tweezers used on the places that my husband needs his grooming tweezers...
Effenfine Tweezers
I do keep a spray bottle of alcohol in my bathroom, and my tweezers get spritzed after every use, which keeps the contamination to a minimum.  Also, when I clean my makeup brushes, I give all my tweezers a scrubdown.  I don't want to get my husband's cooties.

Even with frequent cleaning, these have held up admirably - no rust, no scratched off paint - still looking good and working well! If they do, by any chance, bend or break during normal usage, Effenfine has a 10-year replacement warranty.  That's a lot of plucked hairs!
Effenfine Tweezers- two straight edge, and one pointed tip
Speaking of looking good, no longer are my tweezers hidden away for occasional use - no, my tweezers are front and center on my makeup display in the bathroom - because I use them All.The.Time.  Naturally, I want them to look good, too, and these are a beautiful blackened red.

It's their beauty and brawn both that inspired my mani today - I used Azature Red for a glistening ruby background, and a black stud for the decorative holes.  I used striping tape and Revlon Sequin to give me some sharp silver lines to represent the sharp ends of the tweezer.
Effenfine Tweezers-inspired nail art
If you are in the market for new tweezers that are beautiful and functional.. and 'effenfine' - you might like these!  If you don't, they have a 60-day no-questions asked, 100% refund polish.  For more information, or to purchase, you can find these Effenfine Tweezers on Amazon, where they currently retail for $19.95.

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