Lit from Within: Holo-ween Skulls

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Holo-ween Skulls

Hello, Fireflies!

Today's Sunday Stamping challenge is, "Holo-ween" - keeping with the theme of Halloween, but using a holographic polish in either the base or the stamp.  I'd been wearing the beautiful NARS Black Fire for a few days, and decided it would make a great base for this challenge!

I picked this skulls design from the FUN 6 plate for this challenge.  What's more fun than dancing skulls?

The stamping polish I used is Color Club Star Light, Star Bright.  It's one of their new Holo Hues for 2015.  This collection has more of a metallic base to it.

This holo looks straight up silver, but has a gold shimmer! So, it's all metallic, all holo, and silver AND gold.  I dig it.

Bottle shot:  NARS Black Fire, and Color Club Star Light, Star Bright.

Bottle shot:  NARS Black Fire, and Color Club Star Light, Star Bright.

I have a few other fun Halloween-inspired nail arts to show you later in the week, too.  I love holiday nail art!  Do you?

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