Lit from Within: Lots o' Lipsticks #BHCosmetics #HoneyBeeGardens #Catrice #Clinique

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Lots o' Lipsticks #BHCosmetics #HoneyBeeGardens #Catrice #Clinique

Hello, Fireflies!

Nail polish may have been my gateway drug to the cosmetics world, but lippies have given me some of my best buzzes.  I love lipsticks the most, and today I want to show you some swatches of lipsticks I've bought that I haven't really blogged about yet.

I'd seen a couple of reviews of BH Cosmetics Color Lock mattes, and I've enjoyed some of their other products (their blushes, especially.)  When there was a sale on these lipsticks, I bought a few.

BH Cosmetics Color Lock mattes
 I think the packaging is really nice - I love the clear top with the black scroll work.
BH Cosmetics Color Lock swatches
These definitely dry matte, but they're pretty comfortable.  I think they perform really well for a drugstore lipstick! 

Faithful looks matte, but with almost a pearlescent quality on my lips.

Another drugstore lipstick that absolutely blew me away with the great quality is City Color.  I picked up a few colors from two different collections.  The City Chic line is creamy, shiny, and moisturizing.  I love the detail on the face of the lipstick! Posh.
City Color City Chic lipstick swatches
The City Color Dazzling line is all about the shimmer.  You can see the metallic shine best in the swatch of Caliente, but they all have it when the light hits them.
City Color Dazzling lipstick swatches
All of these lipsticks in this post I bought online, with only swatches to guide me.  Apparently, I was in a mood for a certain color when I bought the next three, because they all look similar!  Even the two I bought from HoneyBee Gardens look almost the same on me.
HoneyBee Gardens is a vegan-friendly line of cosmetics.  I didn't really know what to expect, but I was impressed with the packaging and the quality of the lipsticks!  Very moisturizing, very smooth, and they feel great on the lips.  Cherokee is a little lighter in texture and color than Seduction, but only just. 
Then, I picked up Catrice Brigitte Loves Bordeaux, and it's also a similar color on my lips! Last summer I was attracted to all lipsticks that were a watermelon color, and now I'm all about the plums, I guess!
Catrice Brigitte Loves Bordeaux
The first Clinique Pop Cheek Pop I picked up was Cola Pop, and I love it, so I wanted the lipstick, too.  It's listed as a neutral by Clinique, but it's a pretty dark one!  It really does look like cola, with its reddish-brown hue.  I love the formula of this line.  So smooth and pigmented, very comfortable, and somewhat long-lasting. 
Clinique Pop Cola Pop
The last lipsticks I have to show you are actually the ones I bought most recently.  The Clinique Kisses is a holiday set that is a Macy's exclusive.  I absolutely love the packaging! The five colors are all mattes.  They do feel a little drying on the lips, but not painfully so.
 Matte Beauty is a great rosy nude.

Have you been pleasantly surprised by any drugstore lipsticks lately?  Any holiday lippie sets you've got your eye on?

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