Lit from Within: Cheshire Leopard

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Cheshire Leopard

Hello, Fireflies!

I reached back into the vault to bring you a little glitter nailart today! I don't do a lot of leopard print, but I couldn't resist these adorable leopard spot glitters.

I started with a base of LynBDesigns Cheshire Grin, a pinkish-purple shimmer, and added KBShimmer Spot Sign, a glitter mix of holo, black circle glitters, and leopard spot glitters. 

Bottle shot:  LynBDesigns Cheshire Grin and KBShimmer Spot Sign.

Bottle shot:  LynBDesigns Cheshire Grin and KBShimmer Spot Sign.

I love how this came together!  Do you like uniquely-shaped glitters?

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