Lit from Within: My Oily Skin Has Been Waiting For #ForlanBBCream

Thursday, October 22, 2015

My Oily Skin Has Been Waiting For #ForlanBBCream

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Hello, Fireflies!

As a beauty blogger who tests a lot of skincare, I'm used to regimens that take multiple steps.  I'm also constantly trying to walk the line of finding products that are nourishing to my aging skin, but don't exacerbate my oily, blemish-prone skin.  Forlan BB Cream is a one-step product that moisturizes, has anti-aging properties, and leaves my skin smooth and ready for makeup - and no breakouts!

"BB Cream" isn't a standardized term, and can mean anything from a moisturizer to a foundation.  At the minimum, it is supposed to enhance the skin and lay a foundation for makeup.  Forlan's BB Cream is a silicone-based primer, infused with natural anti-aging ingredients like sweet cherry, raspberry, and strawberry extracts, aloe vera, and vitamins A and E.
It comes in an airless-pump container that protects the formula from light and air, meaning it will last longer and avoid contamination.  Pump dispensers are my favorite for serums and light creams like this.  It might not be fancy, but it is attractive, and it gets the job done.

The BB Cream itself is thick, but applies easily.  There's no fragrance, and no color.  It disappears into the skin, but leaves a smooth, almost blurred finish that has been working really well with my current foundation of choice, Laura Geller's Baked Radiance liquid foundation.
I've been wearing this BB Cream as a moisturizer and primer lately.  My skin feels smooth and nourished, and I actually like the light silicone slip.  It also helps keep my foundation looking great all day - even in this Florida heat.  My foundation has been lasting all day without getting oily (except where my glasses rub it away on the sides of my nose.)

What I really like about pairing the Forlan BB Cream with this foundation is that the foundation has a 'radiance' or glow to it, but the primer keeps my oily skin from making it look too shiny or greasy.  It doesn't make my skin look or feel truly matte - it's more of a satin finish, I think.  I feel more confident wearing bold highlight, too.
And doesn't everything look better with a bold lip?

Leaf logo and base color is KBShimmer Rust No One.  I used a regular white polish for the base on the thumb, and a black striper for the DNA pattern.
For my oily, aging skin, I'm loving this BB Cream for a moisturizer, primer, and anti-aging properties in one step.  My skin feels great, my makeup looks great, and it didn't make me break out.  And the price is a very affordable $17.95 on Amazon.  If it doesn't work for you, they offer a 100% no-quibble money-back return policy, too. 

Do you use BB Creams?

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