Lit from Within: Sawin' Logs #Sideathletics

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Sawin' Logs #Sideathletics

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Hello, Fireflies!

It's time for another Something Strange Saturday, where we take a little jaunt off the beaten beauty path.  This time, I was driven off the path (and often into another room) by my husband's snoring. We finally got him into a sleep study this year, and he's been using a CPAP machine, which really helps.  But, I wanted something a little easier for him to use when we travel, or he takes naps, so when I asked Mr. LFW if he'd test out this little Stop Snoring Solution kit.

The kit consists of two pieces - a nose piece that goes inside the nostrils, and a mouth guard.
The two pieces are supposed to open the airways, reducing the obstructions that vibrate and cause snoring.  
The nose piece is used as-is, but the mouth guard is customizable.  By heating up the food-grade plastic in water, it becomes malleable enough to hold impressions made by the teeth.  Apparently, the plastic is durable enough to remold as needed, which is pretty cool.

We actually needed to try the molding process several times before the plastic got soft enough to hold an impression.  Just keep on warming it up, and be prepared to keep it in the water longer than the instructions say to.
I was really hoping that this kit would work for my husband, but I think he's just a special case.  His nose is frequently clogged, and this clip couldn't keep his nasal airways open.  As for the guard, he said that it wasn't uncomfortable to wear, though it did take a little getting used to.  It just didn't work.  In an hour-long nap, he woke himself up three times due to snoring.  He tried it a few times, and it just never kept him from snoring.  So, it's back to the CPAP for him, so we can both get a little sleep.

A little hopeful, calming nailart to help you sleep - I did a Saran Wrap technique with two metallic holographic SephoraX polishes; A Little Sexy, a light blue, and Surreal, a medium green.  I used Revlon Magic Black to do the lettering.  ZZZzzzzzz...

For more information, or to purchase the Stop Snoring Solution, you can find it on Amazon, where it currently retails for $14.99.  Though it didn't work for my husband, it may work for you.  Copperside Trading offers a money back guarantee if you're not completely satisfied, so if snoring is keeping you or your partner awake, it could be worth trying!

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