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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Rolling, Rolling, Rolling...#muscleroller

Press Sample.  All opinions are my own.
Hello, Fireflies!

It's Saturday! I have such a neat product to share with you today.  If you get sore muscles, I hope you'll read on to learn about the Dance Crazy Muscle Madness Rolling Massage Stick!

I love, LOVE massages. Standing on my feet for hours when I'm teaching, or walking around campus can make my legs sore.  I can't get to a massage therapist as often as I'd like, and while my husband is great at giving massages, I figured this would help him, or I could use it on myself.

This massage stick is lightweight, but heavy-duty!  The center is a steel-reinforced rod, so it won't bend under even heavy pressure.  The rollers are all hard plastic that rotate easily on the rod.  The grips are rubberized and grippy, so they feel comfortable in my hand, and won't slip out.  There's even a handy strap for hanging the stick on a hook or doorknob.
Whenever I get a muscle spasm or Charley Horse, my best bet is to immediately stretch the muscle - even though my first impulse is to contract it.  Stretching it out hurts at first, but it relieves the spasm quicker.  Then, I'll use the Rolling Massage Stick to help the muscle straighten out more, and break up the pockets of lactic acid in the muscle.

My previous massage therapist taught me how to push down on a muscle that is painful, and breathe and relax through it.  Because the rollers on the Massage Stick are hard plastic, and not foam, I can use it to help me push down on a muscle, as well as roll it out.
A little black and orange striped nail art, inspired by the black and orange rollers on the Massage Stick! I used Revlon Black Magic and LeChat Dare To Wear in Orange Blossom over a white base for this look.

I'm no athlete, and I love the  Dance Crazy Muscle Madness Rolling Massage Stick.  I've used the massage stick on my husband's 'runner's calves' that get tight and sore, and he's used it on my back and legs.  It feels great!  If you'd like to try the Dance Crazy Muscle Madness Rolling Massage Stick, it's available for $14.95 on Amazon.

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