Lit from Within: Care and Repair Your Skin With #BioBasics

Monday, September 7, 2015

Care and Repair Your Skin With #BioBasics

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Hello, Fireflies!

In my never-ending quest for the elusive HG face serum, I've come across the interesting Bio Basics Repair Serum, which claims to be created from Nobel-prize winning research, and helps repair skin from environmental damage.

Biobasics claim to fame is the Lanace Complex, a patented series of growth factors that are mixed with DNA compounds.  Meant to be used twice or three times daily as a means to keep free radical and sun damage at bay, it can also be used on skin damaged by more conventional means - cuts, burns, abrasions, etc, to help speed the repair of the skin!

It also has Hyaluronic acid, one of my favorite skincare ingredients, algae extract, and other plant extracts like soy and pumpkin seed.  Dimethicone is listed as an ingredient, which I like for the way it helps the serum apply, but might cause issues if you're sensitive to silicones.
Biobasics repair serum ingredients
The serum is clear, lightweight, and fragrance-free.  It glides on easily and absorbs quickly.  I use two pumps to cover my face and neck, and rub the leftovers into my hands, which can always use a little help! 
Biobasics repair serum directions
I'd definitely put this serum in my top 10 favorites.  I love the way it feels, and I really think it has helped my skin.  I'd been breaking out, and picking at it, of course - and the healing really seemed to speed up when I incorporated this serum twice a day.  My skin has cleared up a lot, and feels smooth again!

I also really like this packaging. Naturally, pumps have my heart when it comes to serums, because they protect the efficacy of the sensitive formulas, and keep out air and contaminants.  This bottle is also opaque, which helps keep out the light.  I love the rounded triangular shape of the bottle, too.  Very space-age, and comfortable to hold, as well.

Biobasics repair serum packaging

The packaging inspired today's nailart, as well.  I used A England Queen of Scots as the base, and a silver striper to create the triangle detail.  A different take on the half-moon nailart?

Biobasics-inspired nailart

For more information, or to purchase, you can find BioBasics Skin Care and Blemish Repair Serum on their webpage, and on Amazon, where it currently is on sale for $39.95.

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