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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

A Whiter Smile with Smile Brilliant!

Home Teeth Whitening

Press Sample.  All opinions are my own.
Hello, Fireflies!

Have you ever forgotten what your teeth used to look like?  The staining happens so gradually, that I didn't really notice how dingy they were getting.  I'm not sure I'd want teeth as white as those in my nailart, but I wanted brighter teeth that looked healthier and more youthful.

My dentist has been asking me if I wanted to undergo a professional teeth whitening, but it was too expensive.  My niece asked my husband why his teeth were so yellow, which made him sad.

We'd never tried anything other than whitening toothpaste before, so when Smile Brilliant offered us the chance to try a professional whitening system in the comfort of our own home, it was perfect timing! Before Smile Brilliant, the only way to get custom-fitted trays was to get them at the dentist's office - and they can cost upwards of $500 there!

The kit comes with two trays, 3 sets of paste to make the impressions, and 3 gel syringes.  We opted to also get the desensitizing gel, as I have had sensitivities before, and I didn't know how my husband's teeth would react to the gel.

The base paste and catalyst paste are smooth and easy to work with.  They are inert in their separate containers, but when you mix them together, they will harden.
You have a few minutes to mix them together to a uniform color, then mush them into the tray.  One tray is for making a mold of the upper jaw, and the other is for the lower.  You can only do one at a time.
 Are we making impressions, or learning to play the harmonica?
The paste is tasteless, and the tray isn't painful or uncomfortable, but it did fill up my mouth! I was worried about having enough paste to make the two impressions I needed, but I shouldn't have worried.  They put an extra set in the box, and will send you more if you need it.  I'm glad there was extra, because the first impression I made popped out of the tray!

When you get a good set of impressions, you leave them in the tray, and mail them back to Smile Brilliant in the postage-paid envelopes.

After about a week, we received both the mold of our teeth, and our custom-fitted trays! They sent both my husband's and mine in my name, so we had a fun time trying to figure out whose was whose, and which one was top and bottom.  They definitely don't feel right if you have the wrong set on!
Using the trays is easy, but it does take a little getting used to.  The gel is in easy-to-dispense syringes.  You only need a thin ribbon of the gel, placed in the tray where the outside of your teeth will touch it. The gels have a slight taste, but you shouldn't be using so much that it's getting all over your tongue.

The trays do feel weird and take a little getting used to at first!  Mr. LFW said that he felt like he had to clench his teeth a little to feel like the trays were seated right at first, and then the back of the trays would splay out.  When he took them out, it would feel like he still had them in for a while.  For me, the worst part was that the trays made me forget to swallow!  I drooled on my self several times before I figured it out!

We slowly built up the amount of time we wore the whitening trays, but even so, it was amazing how fast we were seeing results!  The first time, we only wore them for 15 minutes (and then the desensitizing gel for 15 minutes after each application.)  Then, we upped it to 30 for the second treatment, 1 hour for the 3rd, 2 hours for the 4th.  I only wore mine about 1 1/2 hours for the 5th treatment because I got a phone call and I can't speak clearly with the trays in! 
By the fifth treatment, I noticed that some of the previously stained areas were actually whiter than my teeth, so I stopped.  With this treatment, it doesn't actually change the color of the enamel of your teeth - it removes the stains embedded in the teeth.  Crowns, fillings, and the like are not affected by the whitening gel - they will stay the same color. 
 My husband's results were even more dramatic than mine!
 His teeth are so white now! He couldn't wait to text our niece a picture of his new white teeth!
We'd never seen results like this from any whitening toothpaste.  It was pretty amazing.  Sure, you have to make the time to do this.  It takes a few hours during which you can't eat or drink (or for 30 minutes afterwards.) We gave up soda and coffee for the 2 weeks to give our teeth the best chance at not staining.  (Wow, was it harder to give up coffee than I thought it would be!) We still have some gel left over and have decided that we want to touch up our teeth from time to time to maintain our new, bright smiles!

Don't just take our word for it, though.  There are lots of testimonials of people who have had great results with this professional system. Originally priced at $179, the kit with 3 whitening syringes is currently priced at $119.95. The kit with 6 syringes is $129.95, or they have a kit with 9 syringes for $154.95.  Three syringes of the desensitizing gel are $19.95.  With the kits, Smile Brilliant offers an unconditional 30-day money back guarantee, too.   

What have you tried to get a whiter smile?

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