Lit from Within: Negative Space Snow Flakes

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Negative Space Snow Flakes

Hello, Fireflies!

Time, yet again, for another installment of the Nail Challenge Collaborative's monthly theme.  I've been having so much fun thinking of negative space nail art this month.  Today's is... well, not exactly what I was going for.  A snowflake fail?  You decide!

So, for this nailart, I wanted to have the 'snowflakes' be the negative part.  I was inpired by the big flakes so often depicted in the old Christmas specials I love to watch this time of year.

I put down striping tape first, in a star pattern, and then painted OPI Give Me Space on top.  I tried to quickly pull the tape off, but I often wasn't quick enough, and pulled off pieces of the polish.  Afterwards, I used a silver polish and dotted the ends of the flakes.

It definitely made it easier if I had the bottom piece of tape hanging off the nail.  Then I had something to lift up. I didn't do that for the first nail, and ended up having to dig with my tweezers.  This would probably be easier with a stencil!

Bottle shot:  OPI Give Me Space, Ulta Silver Bell.

Have you ever just made a mess with striping tape?

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