Lit from Within: Penny Royal Oil - Sweet, Minty, but Handle With Care #simplyearth

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Penny Royal Oil - Sweet, Minty, but Handle With Care #simplyearth

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Today's review is a bit of a strange one.  I was given the opportunity to review an essential oil that I hadn't heard of before, so I was excited to try it.  Simply Earth's Penny Royal oil smells great, and they donate 13% of the profit to organizations rehabilitiating trafficking victims.  Unfortunately, this oil may be too dangerous to mess around with.

Historically, PennyRoyal was used as a food flavoring, and as an abortifacient.  Seems at odds, doesn't it?  Now, it's typically only used as a scent for detergents, and I can see why.  It smells delightful, like a sweet, mild mint.

I did some web research on Penny Royal, and the reviews vary widely.  Mother Earth News recommends never using it for anything, ever.  The Healthy Haven Blog recommends using it in a diffuser for colds, and some gastrointenstinal symptoms, as well as mixed with a carrier oil and applied to the underarms for excessive sweating, or applied to cotton balls and left in areas to repel fleas (not where any pets could eat them, however, as Pennyroyal is toxic to dogs and cats.)

WebMD suggests that Pennyroyal is unsafe to ingest or use topically.  Though there is insufficient evidence, historically, Pennyroyal has been used to start menstruation.  In pregnant women, it causes liver damage and can cause an abortion.  It has been linked to the death of infants and dogs who either ingested it in tea or oil form. 
Before I knew about the dangers of this oil, I did apply one drop to my skin.  It burned uncomfortably, but didn't damage my skin.  It shouldn't be applied straight to the skin.  It should only be blended with carrier oils, and really, only by someone knowledgeable or certified in aromatherapy.

I have used it several times in a diffuser.  The scent is delicious.  I may continue to use it there, or possibly in my own homemade detergent or bug repellent.

Penny Royal packaging-inspired nailart.  Half of the nail is painted with OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls, and the other half with Madam Glam Underground Queen.  Then, I added a few stripes of black and white for contrast.
Currently, it is no longer for sale on Simply Earth's website, and it's listed on Amazon, but isn't currently available.  If you are interested in using PennyRoyal, please do your own research and use it carefully!

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