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Friday, December 18, 2015

What Problem Skin? #RevivaLabs

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I am woman of many contradictions, and one of the biggest ones is on my face.  I'm no longer a teenager, but still suffer from oily skin and blemishes!  When I look for skincare products to balance my skin, I have to be careful that they are not harsh or drying, because that oily skin is also getting older and more delicate.

Oily skin and older skin do share a common need for gentle exfoliation.  My pores tend to get clogged with stuff that sticks to the oil on my skin, and older skin doesn't turn over as quickly as it used to.  Harsh exfoliants and cleansers just stimulate even MORE oil, and some can even scratch the skin, which invites more acne-causing bacteria. I don't have to worry about any of that with Reviva Labs Honey & Almond Scrub.
Right away, the scent of this scrub envelops you with the smell of warm almond cookies.  Seriously, I want to eat this stuff every time I open it.  The texture is chunky, but soft, with flakes of oatmeal and bits of almond meal mixed in with kaolin and bentonite clay.  These clays are amazing at sucking up oil and toxins from the skin, while the oat and almond meals gently remove dead skin and debris.  Honey is a natural anti-bacterial and humectant - it kills the acne-causing bacteria, and helps draw moisture into the skin.
Reviva Labs Honey & Almond Scrub
I love using this scrub in the shower because it just makes it easier to rinse the chunky scrub away and down the drain.  I apply the scrub to my face, rubbing in a light, circular motion.  Then, I leave it on for a few minutes while I soap up.  The clays work better if they have a little time to do their thing.  My skin is left so soft and clean.  The almond scent doesn't stick around, so it doesn't interfere with any other scent I want to wear.  Not that I wouldn't mind smelling like an almond cookie all day.  Reviva can feel free to make a perfume that smells just like this scrub.
Long-time readers know that I am all about masks.  I am a convert to the clay mask, hard-core.  Nothing makes me happier that painting on a nice, thick mask and giving myself the perfect excuse to close my eyes for 20 minutes!
Made with ingredients from the Dead Sea in Israel, this mask has a unique, thick, pasty texture.  It makes it really easy to get a nice, even, thin layer all over my face.  The minty, slightly medicinal smell is refreshing and reminiscent of a therapeutic spa.  As it dries, it tightens up, and is best removed with a damp washcloth.
Ah, the lovely proof of my acneic skin.  I had a bout of oil slick skin that just left my face covered in presents, and it wasn't even my birthday.  After I stopped using the product that I believe was causing the problem, this mask really helped gently dry up the oil. Even after just one application, that giant zit was looking less red and angry.
I love my Reviva, so I did a nailart for each product! Happy bees and honeycombs for the Honey & Almond Scrub created with Sally Hansen Salon Hello Sunshine as the base, stamped with MdU Mustard and plate BM-422 for the comb, and Finger Paints Black Expressionism and UC 5-01 for the happy honeybees. The Problem Skin Mask-inspired nailart is my interpretation of the indigo flowers.  I used Color Club Crystal Baller as the base and stamped with Finger Paints Black Expressionism and plate UC 4-01.
Reviva Labs is one of my very favorite skincare companies.  Their products really work, and they are reasonably priced.  Even though these two products are both in the 'dreaded' jar packaging, they pay attention to the details, like the sealing inner lid that keeps the products better protected and also keeps them from drying out.  They are a cruelty-free company, and many of their products don't contain animal products - and they all have expiration dates on the packaging so you know they are fresh.

If you'd like more information or to purchase, please check out their Facebook page, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, YouTube, or their website, where Reviva Labs Honey & Almond Scrub retails for $8, and their Problem Skin Mask retails for $15.

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