Lit from Within: Christmas Presents

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Presents

Hello, Fireflies!

I love receiving presents, but I love giving them, too.  I'm looking forward to exchanging gifts with my husband and my family and hoping they love what I got for them.

In the meantime, my present for myself, all-year-round, is to spend a little time on my nails.  I love painting them - it relaxes me.  I enjoy trying new nail art techniques, and fun designs.  It's my creative outlet!  So, this nailart is both literally and figuratively a present for me!

Bottle shot:  CoverGirl Violet Flicker, and stripers in silver and white.

Bottle shot:  CoverGirl Violet Flicker, and stripers in silver and white.

I hope that some of my nail art works are presents for you, too.  I really enjoy trying new products, telling y'all about them, and then creating nail art that is inspired by the products. 

What is your favorite present to give yourself, all year-round?

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