Lit from Within: Anaiti For Celebrity Skin #AnaitiCSerum

Monday, February 8, 2016

Anaiti For Celebrity Skin #AnaitiCSerum

Press Sample.  All opinions are my own.
Hello, Fireflies!

No one will ever mistake me for being a celebrity (though I always get told that I look like someone people know..) But a good skincare regimen is essential for having radiant skin, and with Anaiti Luminous Serum for Celebrity Skin, I'm ready for my closeup, Mr. Demille!

This serum has a new-to-me ingredient called Renovage, which has been shown to reduce pigmentation in the skin, giving it a brighter appearance.  As someone who has a few age spots, that's good news for me!  It also has one of my favorite skin-loving ingredients, Niacinamide.  Nothing makes my skin more radiant than that.  Matrixyl helps to reduce wrinkle depth, and Vitamin C nourishes, brightens, and is an anti-oxidant.
This serum also brings two of my favorite aesthetics to the table, too - it comes in a pump dispenser, and it has a lovely, very subtle orange fragrance.  The pump helps to dispense just the right amount, and it also protects the active ingredients from air and contamination.  The texture of the serum is light, creamy, and very silky.  It absorbs quickly, with no residue.  The serum is also cruelty-free - only tested on people, never animals!
This serum is good for all skin types, but I have oily skin, and it doesn't break me out.  I have been using it at night, under a light moisturizer, and my skin has been feeling great.  I've been spending a lot of time in heated areas - my nails are broken to nubs, and my lips are like the Sahara, but my face still looks and feels moisturized and smooth. I wish I could do a full-body treatment with this serum!

A little gradient nailart to match the Anaiti packaging!  I started with a white base of Color Club French tip and blended it with Orly Indie.  A couple of rose 3-D pieces add a fun touch, though they dwarf my tiny nail beds!

If you like a creamy, lightly orange-scented serum that has lots of skin-loving ingredients, you might like Anaiti's Serum too.  And if you're not satisfied, they have a 100% money-back guarantee!  For more information, or to purchase, you can find Anaiti on Amazon, where this serum currently retails for $49.99

What's your favorite ingredients for luminous skin?

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