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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Lost For Words

Hello, Fireflies!

I'm trying to catch up on this lost week of posts, and today's post is the third in the NCC Typography challenge!  I have found this one to be extra-challenging, because I have the worst time stamping words on my tiny nails.  Sometimes, the words are too big, and sometimes, I can't get a clear image.

Words are hard.

I gave this nailart a super-duper glittery base because I just loved the first stamp I picked - Born with Glitter in my veins!

Turns out, maybe putting words over super-shiny glitter wasn't the smartest move.  Hard to read tiny letters with all that distracting bling.  And, I could NOT get the last two stamps to show up.  My index finger is supposed to read, "Here's to the Crazy Ones." The middle finger reads, "Shiny Things!" and the last two are supposed to say, "Be Bold," and "be Strong."

I used LynBDesigns But Wait, There's Myrrh for the base, Finger Paints Black Expressionism for the stamps, my clear stamper to help me line up the images, and my Uber Chic plates 1-01, 3-03, 4-01, and 4-03.

I tried to be Strong and Bold, but I just got Annoyed and Gave Up.  I love stamping, but it doesn't always love me back.

Am I the only one that just fights with stamping words?

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