Lit from Within: Saturday Swatches - Glitter Edition

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Saturday Swatches - Glitter Edition

Hello, Fireflies!

Sometimes, I just put on a polish, and I like it just the way it is!  No nail art necessary.  I want to share a few of those with you today.

By the time I realized I needed this Halloween release from China Glaze, it was way past the holiday. Luckily, I found it on clearance!  I should have worn it for Valentine's Day - it seems more appropriate for that holiday, doesn't it?

KBShimmer is one of my fave Indies, and I love this combo of metallic and pastel glitters over the soft neutral base.  Unfortunately, this one is very sheer, so by the time I had layered on enough polish to make it opaque, it was too thick to ever dry.  This one needs undies.

I love these kinds of polishes that I really have no idea what the base color is.  Is it a black jelly or a brown? Is the green from the base or the glitters?  It's an oil slick in a bottle.

What's your favorite glitter these days?

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