Lit from Within: Beautiful, Soft, Synthetic Brushes #beautywidgets

Friday, February 26, 2016

Beautiful, Soft, Synthetic Brushes #beautywidgets

Press Sample.  All opinions are my own.
Hello, Fireflies!

I remember the days when the only tool I knew about for putting on my makeup was the little sponge applicator that came with my shadows.  In fact, when the sponge fell apart, I would toss the shadow, because, well, how else were you supposed to put it on?  Foundation was only applied with fingers - starting a long dislike for foundation that has only recently changed.  I didn't know anything about brushes until a few years ago. Now, I can't get enough of them.  I've tried brushes from under a dollar, to some pretty expensive ones, and price isn't always an indicator of quality.  I recently tried this set from Beauty Widgets that is very reasonable, and that I really love!

This set has 8 brushes - 4 for the face, and 4 for the eyes - and a comes in a waterproof white pouch with a pink lining.  They have white handles, rose gold ferrules, and synthetic brush hairs in either white or brown, depending on the brush.

Each brush is numbered and named, which I think is useful for the brush newbie, especially.  Of course, you can use each brush for whatever you like.  I first tried using the big powder brush for powder foundation.  The Finisher was actually a better match for me.  The powder brush has flimsier bristles, perfect for sweeping on a light layer of powder; the Finisher has a more dense buffing dome. I like that both of these came with nets to help keep their shape during transport, or while drying.
Another brush I used a lot was the Big Contour.  It has a nice, soft, angled brush that I used for bronzer, blush, and highlight.  I like a soft, natural contour, and this brush blended really nicely.

In the past, I really haven't used a concealer brush - I'd only seen flat, packing concealer brushes.  But this round, dense brush was a surprise favorite.  I broke in these brushes on a recent trip, and the makeup I used was from a holiday palette from It Cosmetics that contained four different shades of concealers in little pans.  I needed a brush to pull product from the pans and mix them.  I loved this brush for concealing under my eyes, and also applying concealer to my lids as a primer.  I also used it to pick up some setting powder for my under-eye area. 
I used the Blender and Pencil brushes pretty much interchangeably, because they were the only shadow brushes I had with me.  The Blender was, naturally, better at blending, but it was also good at applying washes of color.  The Pencil brush was excellent in the crease, and for depositing concentrated color in the outer V.  The liner was another surprise favorite - it's so soft! I had no problems lining my upper or lower lashline with custom shadow blends using this brush.

For over two weeks, I used nothing but these brushes to apply my makeup.  I was away from home, so the couple of times I washed them, I had to clean them with shampoo.  They held up beautifully.  After the first wash, I did pull out a few hairs that were uneven, but I didn't experience any shedding on my face.  The white brushes didn't stain with makeup - and everything came out of them, whether it was a cream or powder product.

Honestly, these brushes were a joy to use.  They are really soft, perfectly dense, and pick up and apply product well.  I didn't find myself regretting bringing these, or wishing I'd brought any other brushes (though I could always use more shadow brushes!)

Inspired by the white brush handle and rose gold ferrule - the base is Sinful Colors Just Glisten, and the 3/4 tip is L'Oreal Charmed, I'm Sure.
I think these brushes would be great for the new brush user, and the expert, as well!  Beauty Widgets offers a 100% money-back guarantee if you're not completely satisfied, too.  For more information, or to purchase, you can find this set on Amazon, where it currently retails for $19.65.

Do you like trying different kinds of brushes, too?

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