Lit from Within: Pink Plastic Pull-Off

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Pink Plastic Pull-Off

Hello, Fireflies!

One of my favorite (and easiest) ways to create nail art is by layering polishes over some tape or vinyls and then revealing a colorful pattern when the tape comes off.  For today's post, I've pulled some nail art from the vault that pairs a few pink polishes with some plastic!

I know both of these pink polishes came from subscription boxes, but I can't remember which ones.  I really like the shimmer in SpellBound Aura!

SpellBound Aura

If this dusty rose polish had a name, I don't remember it.  I've never heard of this brand, either.  I like the color, though!

This easy striped design is created by placing thin pieces of striping tape over the dry (very, very dry) base color, painting the second color on top, and then (quickly, before it dries) removing the tape.  Best results are achieved when you do only one finger at a time, and you use a color that is opaque enough to cover the base polish with one medium-thick coat.  Topcoat smooths everything out to make the layers come together.

Bottle shot:  SpellBound Aura and nameless My Beauty Spot polish.

Bottle shot:  SpellBound Aura and nameless My Beauty Spot polish.

This second design was created with two Indies, and a fun spiral vinyl from KBShimmer.

I thought it would be fun to layer a pink milky glitter with a grey and pink shimmer polish.  Love the colors together, but, in hindsight, it would probably be easier to have the glitter as the base color so that it doesn't interfere with the narrow thread of the vinyl.

Bottle shot:  Pahlish El Topo Petit, and A Study In Polish I Am The Bad Wolf.

Bottle shot:  Pahlish El Topo Petit, and A Study In Polish I Am The Bad Wolf

Have you ever used stencils or vinyls or striping tape?  What's your favorite way to use them?

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