Lit from Within: Straighten With A Brush! #ApalusHairStraightener

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Straighten With A Brush! #ApalusHairStraightener

Press Sample.  All opinions are my own.
Hello, Fireflies!

It's Gadget Time here on the blog.  As the daughter of the Gadget Queen, I do love a good tool.  And, as one with curly hair, I love a good straightener.  This one is unlike any I've used before, because it's a brush!

I've used a flat iron before, but not a heated brush.  I'm not very good with an iron - I've never been able to get that stick-straight, glossy look when I do my own hair.  And I like the ends to curl under when I wear it straight, which is hard for me to do with the iron.
This device is pretty simple to use.  It has a power button and buttons to raise or lower the temperature on the side of the handle, and a window on the top that tells you what temperature it's heating to.  I wish the buttons were a little further out of the way - I always seem to hit them when I'm pulling the brush through my hair and either turning the temperature down, or the heat off!
The box says you can straighten hair in 2 seconds.  I don't know who can, but I can't.  It does take a little bit of time to heat up, but not more than a minute or two to reach the highest setting of 450.  Having the brush bristles between my hair and my head did keep me from burning myself, which was very nice.  You do have to be vigilant not to burn the hair, though.  The device looks like a brush, but you can't continually run it through the same bit of hair, or you'll scorch it.  Move the brush slowly through each section of hair, taking about 5 seconds per section. 
Limiting myself 5-10 seconds per section means that my hair has to be free of tangles to begin with.  I tried using this on my air-dried curls that were a few days old, and that was impossible.  I couldn't get anything through that rats' nest, much less a brush!  The next time, I blew my hair out, and then used the straightener, which was much easier.

Not stick-straight, but I am happy with the results! Also, I could easily get the ends to curl under using the brush.  Unfortunately, I picked a humid day to try this, and my hair did start to curl up a little, but it mostly lasted until I washed my hair again.

The bottom of the brush looks like a dotticure, so that inspired my nailart!  The base is Milani Black Swift, and the dots are Rescue Beauty Lounge Electric Glacier layered over CoverGirl Buxom Blue.
If you like to straighten your hair, and you wish that your straightener worked more like a brush, you might enjoy this brush straightener from Apalus. I found it to work as well or better than my flat iron, it was easy to hold and use, and not too heavy, and I liked that my head didn't get burned.  For more information, or to purchase, you can find the Apalus Straightener on Amazon, where it currently retails for $32.99.

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