Lit from Within: Prom Nails with the Beauty Blog Coalition! #BBCChallenge

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Prom Nails with the Beauty Blog Coalition! #BBCChallenge

Hello, Fireflies!

It may have been awhile since I saw my senior prom.  I may have worn a very fashionable side ponytail with giant claw bangs and frosted champagne nails.  But I owned it, baby.  And, whatever you wear to your prom, you should, too.  But if you're still looking for ideas, I've teamed up with a bunch of creative ladies from the Beauty Blog Coalition to bring you some ideas.  I put together 5 different nail art looks, from subtle to smashing, all with a touch of glitter for that special day.

The easiest look just requires two polishes and a dotting tool or toothpick.  I chose two very soft shades - a baby blue and a soft grey glitter with a blue shift for this look.  After applying the base colors, I took a dotting tool and put one dot of the glitter near the cuticles to pull it together.  The color combinations for this are endless - try baby pink with silver, or a striking red and gold for a more daring look.

The baby blue is Butter London Candy Floss, and the glitter is Celestial Swill Merchants.
This next look pairs three similar holos together in an off-center chevron French tip.  The lightest holo starts the closest to the cuticle, and goes diagonally towards the bottom of the nail.  The next darkest starts lower on the nail, on the opposite side, and crosses over the lightest holo near the tip.  The last, and darkest, follows the same path as the first holo, but lower, so that a stripe of the lightest holo shows at the top.  This will look like a cross between a delicate gradient and a fishtail braid on your nails, and is very forgiving of mistakes.

These three similar holos are Cirque Modern Muse, Liquid Sky Lacquer Babi's Bur-Bindi, and Too Fancy Lacquer Burnt Lavender.
Negative space nails are all the rage right now.  Keeping with the dainty feel, but adding more bling, I used a taupe base color, then used acetone to remove a swath of polish from the top (you could also use a French Tip guide or nail vinyl to create the empty space.)  Then, I filled the space with lots of chunky glitter!  This would also look striking with a dark base color.

The base color is Butter London Ta-Ta! and the gorgeous glitter is China Glaze Glitter Me This...
This next look started out as all glitter, which was gorgeous and blingy, but for more mystery, only let a glimpse of glitter peek through! Use tape or a nail vinyl if you don't have a steady hand to create this very high chevron tip.  In Real Life, this glitter is super-sparkly, and catches all the light - a great contrast to the very dark navy blue.

Different Dimensions Cruella has lots of scattered holo sparkle, and a bit of blue to match the dark Pixi Imperial Blue
If you use hole reinforcers for your notebook paper, then you have what you need to make this next look. I painted the base coat with this bright, sparkly pink glitter.  When it dried, I put a hole reinforcer over the top of the cuticle, leaving a small hole at the top.  Then, I painted black over the nail.  When the reinforcer is removed (quickly, now, before the polish dries! Do one nail at a time for the best results) then you should have this half-moon glitter design.

This bright pink glitter is LynBDesigns I'd Like To Call Her Sybil, with Revlon Black Magic.
From dainty to daring, even short nails can shine.  What's your prom style?

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