Lit from Within: Tranquility in a bottle #PhytopiaUSA

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Tranquility in a bottle #PhytopiaUSA

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Hello, Fireflies!

Some days, I feel like looking for tranquility in the bottom of a bottle... well, I think I finally found the right bottle!

I do love a nice scented oil to transport me to another place and time.  Our sense of smell is the only sense with a direct line to a part of the brain that deals with memory.  That's why most of us have scents that we associate closely with a memory - Grandma's chocolate chip cookies, Mom's perfume, the smell of the beach on that perfect vacation. 
The smells in this oil are so deeply relaxing, it's amazing.  They are so perfectly blended and balanced - I've never smelled anything like it.  First, a warm scent envelops you with vanilla - not a sugary-sweet vanilla, but almost a musky vanilla.  Then, an uplifting hint of citrus, but nothing too bright.  The floral scents of Geranium China and Rose Maroc are background to me, adding to the earthy undertones.
I love the gauge on the side of the bottle, showing your journey towards zen, as you use more of the oil.  This is a blended oil, with 7% essential oils in a blend of carrier oils.  This means it's ready to be applied to the skin, and is too diluted to really work well in a diffuser.  I love applying a few drops to my chest or temples so that I can inhale the goodness.  I tried having my husband use it as a massage oil, but it's not heavy enough to really get a deep massage.  It doesn't have enough glide.  It might work mixed with a heavier oil, though.  It can also be used in a bath, or applied to a sleep pillow or mask.

I tried recreating the Phytopia logo with black and white stripers over a base of Cirque El Capitan, a gorgeous olive green creme polish.
With a formula free from harsh chemicals and artificial fragrances, you can feel good about using this oil as a natural relaxation aid.  I really love this aromatic blend! My only wish is that they would sell a version with just the blended essential oils so that I could use it in my diffuser, or add it to a heavier carrier oil for a deep massage.

If you haven't yet found your tranquility, I would recommend looking in this bottle!  For more information, or to purchase, you can find Phytopia on Amazon, where Tranquility oil blend currently sells for $28.95 for 1.7 fl oz.

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