Lit from Within: Shimmer, Shimmer, Cocoa Brown #cocoabrowntan

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Shimmer, Shimmer, Cocoa Brown #cocoabrowntan

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Hello, Fireflies!

When I was young, I really wanted a tan, but I would always burn and then peel.  I would occasionally try a self-tanner, but would be disappointed with the orange glow, and hated that fake tan scent.  Resolved then to stay pasty forever, I had totally accepted and began to love my translucent self.  When I first started getting offers to try tanning products for the blog, I was reluctant to try them, being Pale and Proud.  I'm glad I relented, though, because I've found some really great, natural-looking, nice-smelling products to let me change up my look anytime I feel like having a little shimmer or glow!

The two products I tried recently from Cocoa Brown Tan are so easy to use, so glowy, and so nice and subtle. They're like my skin, but better.
If you want a no-muss, no-fuss, on-and-out-the-door tanning product, you need the Instant Tan Bronzing Gel.  It comes in a matte and a shimmer formula, but I couldn't resist that shimmer!  Seriously, this stuff is dry before you're done applying it, it's so fast - which is fantastic for my clumsy self - no staining the walls, bedding, or clothes. 
The Bronzing Gel looks a little scary dark when it first comes out of the tube, but it blends out effortlessly to a nice glow.  There's no disco-ball effect going on here.  It almost looks matte, but if you get up close, you might see a small glitter here or there.  It's a very grown-up, glowy effect, not a clubbing glitter-fest.

For a little more shimmer, I love the Cocoa Brown Golden Goddess dry body oil.  You can use this by itself or over another tanning product for a sheen of golden glow. It's an oil, so it takes a little longer to dry down, but it feels really nice on the skin.  It's not greasy, but it does have more of a shine to it. 
Both products can be used on the body and face, but I'd only tried the Golden Goddess on my face, and kind of by accident... I really like using it on my decollete, and I didn't wash my hands between putting it there and putting on my face primer.  It added a nice radiance to my makeup! No breakouts, no greasiness, no smell, and no problems.  Love it!
Here's my gorgeous gams in their glowy glory.  First, glowing with skin so pale and bright, then glowing with golden goodness.  I love alliteration so much.  I used Golden Goddess on the leg to your right, and the Instant Tan Bronzing Gel on the leg to your left.

Both legs looked similar in the amount of tan - both very subtle and natural.  The Golden Goddess leg had more noticeable shine, and looked glossier from the oil.  My husband preferred that look to the more satin finish of the Bronzing Gel.   I did the best job I could getting the pictures, but it really did look better in person.

Stars, inspired by the packaging on the Cocoa Brown Instant Tan Bronzing Gel.  I made stamping decals with Glitter Gal White Pointer, and filled in the stars with Glitter Gal Chuck A Wobbly and Big Smoke, Essence Baby You're A Firework, and Orly La Vida Loca.
If you like the feel and gloss of a dry oil, and love the way the light bounces off the skin with a glow, you need Golden Goddess.  If you need a fast-dry, glow-and-go product, you'll like the Instant Tan Bronzing Gel.  For more information about Cocoa Brown Tan, you can find them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and on their website.  They're also being carried at Ricky's NYC, where Golden Goddess currently retails for $20, and both the shimmer and matte versions of the Instant Tan Bronzing Gel are $9.99.

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