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Friday, April 1, 2016

I'm naked!

Hello, Fireflies!

April Fools! Except, I didn't fool you - I am naked - well, I'm wearing a Zoya Naked Manicure today!

Maybe you own a lipstick that is 'My Lips But Better" and you have a favorite foundation or BB/CC Cream that gives you a "My Skin But Better" look.  With Zoya's Naked Manicure, you can have the same, "My Nails But Better" look!

I bought the cringe-worthy named "Women's Nail Perfecting Kit."  I'm glad they have a kit for men that acknowledges that nail care isn't just for women... but I wish they didn't feel the need to use gender-normative rules at all.  Anyway, in this kit, there are 4 bottles - a base coat, a peach nail perfector, a white tip, and a satin top coat.
Here's my regular old, nekkid nails. Y'all know I love my polish, and it shows on my nails with a bit of staining and yellowing.

Just like a peach concealer under your eyes can change the look of eye baggage, so, too, can the peach perfector!  Zoya has other colors available, depending on your nail needs, but I love this one.  It makes my nail beds look healthy.

The white tip can take a little practice, but if you're used to doing your own French manicures, this is the same idea, but easier.  Because it's not a stark white, there is more room for error.  I used a couple of coats because I wanted to cover up more staining.

The satin topcoat gives the nails a natural finish.  They also have a glossy topcoat, if you want a little shine.

What do you think about the "Mine, but better" trend, and would you apply it to your nails?

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