Lit from Within: Serum Ceuticals Skincare Regimen #Vitamincfacial #Antioxidantfacialserum

Friday, April 22, 2016

Serum Ceuticals Skincare Regimen #Vitamincfacial #Antioxidantfacialserum

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Hello, Fireflies!

I am a serum-aholic.  I love trying new ones, and new combinations, finding out what my skin responds best to.  I've had skincare regimens that were pick-a-mix from lots of different brands, and had great results - but there is something synergistic about a set that is designed to work together.  I have three serums from Serum Ceuticals to tell you about that I think do just that!

I've been enjoying the benefits of a Vitamin C Serum for a while now.  I love this easy way of getting antioxidants into my skin to fight those free radicals!

Vitamin C helps to brighten the skin, mitigate sun damage, and stimulate collagen.  This serum has 21% Vitamin C, and the serum is protected against oxidation by mixing it with protective acids and charging the solution with nitrogen and argon gases.

Serum Ceuticals recommends pairing this targeted treatment with a vitamin supplement for maximum antioxidant effect.
The packaging helps to protect the delicate serum, too - the blue cobalt glass limits light from entering the bottle, and the European Dropper keeps air out.  I was a little stymied by this dropper at first - I've only seen it in aromatherapy oils, and I didn't think I'd be able to get a precise amount of serum shaking it out of the bottle through this dropper.  The serum itself is quite watery, however, and is really suited well to this dispenser.  I only need a little bit of the serum, and a few shakes gives me what I need.  A pump would deliver way too much, and a regular eyedropper would expose the serum to too much air, not to mention it could spill if knocked over. 
There are no added colors or fragrances in this serum - it's a light yellow, very thin, watery consistency with no real smell.  Maybe a little herbal, but subtle, and short-lived.  This is the first serum I apply after my toner - a few shakes in the palm of my hand, and I pat this in all over my face.  It's absorbed before I'm even done patting - that quick!   I love how light it is, and I think that some of my dark spots from blemishes may be fading!

Serum Ceuticals Vitamin C Serum is currently available on Amazon for $16.

After I apply the Vitamin C, my next step is the Albumin Hyaluronic Serum.

This is one of those serums that has an instant effect that you can feel.  There's definitely a tightening and firming effect that happens as this serum dries.  When I first starting using this serum, it almost felt like a slight stinging - nothing painful, but you could definitely tell that something was going on up in there.  It's like you could feel those little fine lines being smoothed out!
Hyaluronic Acid is another one of my skin's favorite ingredients.  It absorbs more than 1000 times its weight in water, so cells draw in water - leaving them looking plumped and bouncy.  It also has another favorite ingredient, Niacinamide, which is a great anti-aging vitamin.

Again, this serum has the same cobalt blue bottle and European Dropper which works well with this very thin, clear, watery serum.  Both this and the Vitamin C serum can be patted straight onto the skin, like I do, or mixed with your moisturizer.
I really like the tightening feeling and smoothing effect of this serum.  It's so easy to use, and quick to absorb - and there's no fragrance or color.

Serum Ceuticals Albumin Hyaluronic Serum is currently available on Amazon for $21.

The last serum in this trio is actually an oil serum.  I only apply this in the morning if I don't have to put makeup on right after.  I prefer applying this in the evening.

Even oily skin can benefit from oil treatments - especially this one that is full of anti-oxidants like beta carotene and CoQ-10.  It's also a source of Retinol, which is great for cleaning and tightening the pores, evening out skin tone, and reducing blemishes
This serum is not quite as thin as the others, and definitely has an oily consistency.  It has a slight orange tint and a subtle oily odor.  It absorbs slower than the other serums, being an oil, but it's not heavy or greasy.  I've worn it in the morning if I wasn't going to wear makeup, but I really prefer to wear this one at night. 
I've been pairing this oil with a light moisturizer, which gives me the moisture of the cream, and the protection of the oil.  My skin is glowing, and my blemishes are pretty much under control.

Serum Ceuticals Antioxidant Oil is currently available on Amazon for $21.

I wanted to capture the geometric quality of the label as well as the colors in this nailart.  The base is Pixi Imperial Blue.  The red is Stardust Polish Yes, Your Majesty, and the gold trim is OPI Love.Angel.Music.Baby.
TL;DR - My oily, aging skin loves Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, and Retinol, and these serums deliver in unique, thin serums.  I wear the first two in the morning, and the oil at night, and my skin is looking hydrated and feeling smooth.

For more information or to purchase, you can find the parent company, Max Life USA on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube.  They also have an Amazon storefront.

What are your favorite skincare serum ingredients?

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