Lit from Within: Soothing My Sore Eyes #Swissvita #eyegel

Friday, April 15, 2016

Soothing My Sore Eyes #Swissvita #eyegel

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Hello, Fireflies!

My eyes aren't the window to my soul.  All they show is how tired I am!  Curse you, Interwebs, for your plethora of funny cat videos that keep me entertained all night.  Time for some SwissVita Micrite 3D All Use Eye Cream to fake bright and dewy eyes!

This is actually a gel, not a cream, which is fine with me. I generally prefer eye gels because they are more cooling, and easier to spread and absorb into that delicate eye area.  This one isn't sticky, and absorbs very quickly.  The main claim to fame of this gel is their patented AC-11, a phytonutrient derived from an herb found in the Amazonian Rainforest, which has been shown to slow skin aging and help with repair.
It also has other ingredients my skin likes.  I'm psyched that Niacinamide is in the top 5 ingredients.  It's such a a great anti-aging ingredient.  The water-based formula is free from parabens, alcohol, sulfates, and fragrances.

The packaging is unique to all the eye creams I've tested.  It's an aluminum tube - all the better to protect that precious AC-11 - that you puncture and then place a tip over.  I had a little bit of a problem not gripping the tube too hard when trying to puncture it.  I think I initially got out enough gel to cover my face, my husband's face.. maybe the dog's face...
No eye cream is going to fix my one wonky eye.  I don't know what causes that double-bag there.  Genetics, maybe.  I'm not ready for surgery, so I'll just keep buying concealer.  Otherwise, I'm pretty happy with how my eyes are.  The major difference I can see in the 3 weeks I've been using this cream is that my under-eye area is a lot more hydrated. In the 'after' picture, I had put the cream on at least 8 hours before, and there is still a nice dewy-ness to my skin.  And, still no crows-feet.
Nothing like a really close-up picture of your eyes to make you see all the little hairs that need trimming.  My eyes are a little red because I got some makeup in them the day before and that makes my eyes super angry.  Using the SwissVita gel actually helps soothe the skin around my eyes from the constant irritation I had for the day.

Can't go wrong with a little holo nailart! The logo inspired me to do this simple design.  I used Color Club Date With Destiny for the base, and created the red design with a nail striper.
If you're looking for an eye gel with Niacinamide and special Amazonian herbs, you might like this SwissVita eye gel.  It's currently available on Amazon for $29.99.

What do you look for in an eye cream?

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