Lit from Within: Colorless Stained Glass

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Colorless Stained Glass

Hello, Fireflies!

Today's Stamping Sunday is a stamp that reminds me of stained glass, but over a colorless backdrop.

Deborah Lippmann Moon Dance is such a neat glitter polish - it's almost like a sheer taupey-black, but there are all these bits that catch the light.

I like this different take on 'stained glass' - not very colorful most of the time, but with surprise bits of color.

What I used:  Deborah Lippmann Moon Dance, stamped with Milani Black Swift and place UC 3-02.
This is a very simple nailart that comes together because of the type of base polish, and the design of the stamp. What do you think? Does stained glass need to be overtly more colorful, or does this subtle flash of color work for you?

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