Lit from Within: Cleansing my Face With Ocean Minerals #AzureNaturals

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Cleansing my Face With Ocean Minerals #AzureNaturals

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Hello, Fireflies!

When I think about how I used to clean my face with a bar of body soap and not think about it, I cringe a little.  But, I didn't know anything about skin care when I was younger - it just wasn't on my radar, really.  Now, even my cleanser is an important part of my skincare routine.

This line of skincare from Azure Naturals is based on Ocean minerals, primarily from sustainably-sourced seaweed.  It smells light and fresh, and a little salty, like an ocean breeze.
The cleanser is packaged in an easy-to-use pump, in a travel-friendly plastic bottle.  The clear cleanser foams up just enough to give me that cleanser feel that I'm used to, but not too much.  It not only works well on its own, but it also has enough slip to work well with my Foreo Luna or other face cleansing brushes.
The formula is supposed to use these ocean and micro-minerals to protect the skin and create new elastin and collagen.  I don't know about that, but I do know that my face feels clean, fresh, not stripped, and really soft.

Some striped nailart inspired by the packaging! The base is China Glaze Four Leaf Clover, and the stripes are Zoya Aspen and Zoya Yves.
If you like your skincare made with natural, organic ingredients, free from fillers, additives, made in the USA and not tested on animals, you might enjoy Azure Naturals.  This cleanser is part of a larger Mineral line, too, if you like all your skincare to be in a set!  For more information, or to purchase, you can find Azure Naturals Ultimate Ocean Minerals Organic Facial Cleanser on Amazon, where it currently retails for $18.88.

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