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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Mally's Good Life

Hello, Fireflies!

Yesterday, I showed you a look that I made with Mally's The Good Life 6-piece Color Collection, and I wanted to break down the set today for you.

 I was pretty interested in this set because of Mally's new 4K Ultra HD Fantasy Foundation.  I love powder foundations with my oily skin, and I was hoping this would be a great one.  First of all, can I just kvetch about the name?  What is it with these long names that mean so little?  UltraMega300k, now with lasers!  Please.

It's nice, but not earth-shattering on me.  I felt like it was super-light coverage, really.  I wouldn't recommend it for people who have a lot of issues they want to conceal, but it's nice for a no-makeup-makeup look.

I am usually a sucker for a makeup brush in a set.  It's how It Cosmetics gets me every time, and I was hoping this brush would be a contender, but it's not as soft as my It face brushes.  It is a nice brush, very dense and fluffy, and distributes the powder foundation well, with no streaking or shedding. 
The shadow sticks were a main interest point for me.  They usually sell for $25 each, and they are amazing.  I didn't realize they had reformulated them and now they are Extra (so extra!) but they are still amazing.  I love that they smooth out so gorgeously with just a finger, and set to a no-smudge, shiny finish.  Moonlight and Smoky Quartz have a nice shimmer to them, and a little glitter. There's a closeup of them on my eyes in yesterday's post, too, along with the More Is More Mascara.  It was okay.  I liked how it made my lashes look, but I discovered flakes of dried mascara on the tops of my cheeks when I was getting ready to take my makeup off, and that bummed me out.
I usually like Mally's lip glosses, but this was my first experience with her Lip Lacquer.  It's aptly named, because it feels like a thick coat on the lips.  I won't lie, the first time I used it, I hated it.  It felt heavy and thick, and the applicator felt too flimsy to apply the heavy formula.  But, I loved the color - it's a super-flattering nude that leans pink, with enough color that I don't feel like a refugee from the '60's.  So, I wore it again to a gathering at a friend's house, and I fell in love with it.  It kept my lips so hydrated - even through salty pizza.  I was eating and drinking, so it didn't stay on long, but my lips felt so soft and hydrated that I didn't need to apply a balm after dinner.  It won me over.

The whole set together made for a really pretty no-makeup-makeup look.  The foundation is a little bit brightening on my pale skin.  The eye shadow sticks are shiny, but not bold.  And that lip lacquer does look like the color of cherry blossoms!

I picked up this set on QVC as a Today's Special Value, but as of this writing, they have it at a special featured price of $61.12 + $3 S&H.  This was a pretty good way to get a couple of new shadow sticks and try a bunch of other things from the line.  I would say that the mascara was a miss because of the flakes, but everything else was either good or just okay on me.

Have you tried anything from Mally?  Do you have any favorites or words of warning?

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