Lit from Within: Water Zoya-Marbles

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Water Zoya-Marbles

Hello, Fireflies!

Watermarbles are one of the hardest nail art techniques for me.  I really hated the mess and cleanup - even with tape or latex barriers, I was making a mess, and not getting the results I wanted.  Watermarble decals are a game changer for me!

To make a watermarble decal, you simply let the polish dry completely in the water, and then remove it in one piece.  They apply to the nail with a little topcoat, and can be trimmed to fit before cleaning up with acetone and a nail brush.  It's still a challenge to find polishes that spread out nicely, and to make nice patterns in the polish, but at least I don't have to make a huge mess anymore.

I decided to use some polishes from the Zoya Whispers collection to make a Ruffian-style mani with watermarbling.  Each nail has a different base (except Eastyn is on two nails) and then I used a white striper to create a little contrast.

I love how soft and muted these colors are.  If you're not into pastels, these earthy colors might be the perfect Spring colors for you.

Bottle shot:  Zoya Eastyn, Lake, Misty, and Ireland, with my white striper.
Bottle shot:  Zoya Eastyn, Lake, Misty, and Ireland, with my white striper.
I decided to make another, brighter watermarble with some of Zoya's newest shimmery polishes.

I just love how fun and pretty these colors are, and, because they are almost all from one collection, they go really well together!

I decided to frame them in black to hide tip wear.  I like the contrast!

Bottle shot:  Zoya Leia, Aster, Azalea, Zahara, and Rayne

Bottle shot:  Zoya Leia, Aster, Azalea, Zahara, and Rayne

Do you like creating watermarbles?  Have you tried making decals?

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